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8 Best Wholesale Womens Sleepwear And Loungewear Suppliers

Sleepwear and loungewear are clothing
items we can’t do without. This implies that lots of businesses would be
making huge profits from selling these clothing items, coupled with
selling wholesales nightwear, and even selling wholesale outerwear.


who are wholesalers? Wholesalers are a group of people who buy in bulk
from manufacturers and then sell to retailers. As a business owner, one
of the things you might consider is starting a wholesale business.
However, before starting one, you need to be equipped with the right
insights and resources to help you operate a successful wholesale
business. These things, we shall take you through in this piece.


Why you should buy wholesale loungewear sets and sleepwear sets online?

Sleepwear and loungewear are as important as any other clothing items we own. Therefore these clothes are bought for indoor use. People buy sleepwear because they need to put on something fresh to go to bed. Some others just feel each event has its own clothes, as work has its own, paly has its own, and therefore, sleep also has its own. The list is quite endless for reasons why people wear sleepwear.

And for loungewear, it is worn because while at home, serious clothes are not needed. Everyone just wants to put on something free and casual. Besides, one’s home is not an official place that demands to kit up. So, it needs a special dedicated unofficial wear.

That said, it must be noted that there are a lot of benefits or advantages in buying wholesale loungewear sets and sleepwear sets online. Yes, there are disadvantages to buying wholesale loungewear online too but they are not as much as going to the traditional brick-and-mortar store to get them. Let’s briefly look at two foremost advantages and then a disadvantage of buying wholesale loungewear online. Hopefully, that would help you make your choice.

Advantages of buying wholesale loungewear online


1. Affordability

It is possible to get goods for the lowest affordable price from manufacturers, hence, wholesale can be cost-effective. Business owners can afford to give more discounts to someone who purchase in bulk, especially when you are purchasing wholesale sleepwear and loungewear sets.


2. Accessibility


From the comfort of your homes, you can simply order for any type of sleepwear or loungewear without stress. You don’t have to travel to a particular country before you get the type of wholesale sleepwear and loungewear sets you may need.

Disadvantages of buying wholesale loungewear online

1. No Physical Access 

With online wholesale loungewear, you are not able to physically see what you are buying and so you can’t really tell how quality or standard whatever you are buying is. It is possible that what manufacturers display on their website is not the same as what they actually offer.

2. Delivery Delays

The majority of online wholesale suppliers of items face the challenge of delay in the time in which they deliver customers’ orders. As such, if you do not get a very serious e-commerce website for your order, you might experience a series of delays which may seriously affect your business.

And so, in order to start a wholesale sleepwear and loungewear business wherever you are in the world, e.g. selling Wholesale loungewear sets in the UK, starting a loungewear wholesale business in the UK, starting a Sleepwear wholesale business in the Philippines; you need the right websites to get your goods from.

How to wholesale sleepwear and loungewear?


If you really want to make it in this business, then there are some things to need to take seriously. We have listed four major points which are


1. Getting a reliable supplier


After deciding to wholesale sleepwear and loungewear, the important step is to search for a reliable supplier. The fact is that there are thousands of supplier that looks reliable on the outside, but the reverse is the case in the actual fact. Therefore why searching for a reliable supplier, it is essential that you do a deep survey. We are sure you don’t want to get a supplier that would disappoint you along the line, so one rule you need to follow is to get a reliable supplier.

2. Be ‘capital’ ready

Venturing into business requires you have enough capital, which may not necessarily mean huge capital. After getting the right supplier for your business, be financially prepared because there are a lot of expenses you’ll need to incur to launch out with full force. Other expenses you may need to incur include, website development expenses, staffing expenses, purchase of delivery van among others.

3. Identify top and leading brands

Don’t forget that people are brand freak, so you need to identify the brands that people love to buy. You need really put this into consideration before making stocking your store. Go to the market, do a thorough research and list out a brand that has high sales rate.

4. Don’t be expensive, be competitive

An average human wants to have bought the best item at a cheap price. Do your business well and don’t think of selling at extravagant prices. Know the amount each sleepwear and loungewear is sold and sell at a competitive price, don’t allow customers to tag you as ‘expensive’.

10 Amazing websites of wholesale sleepwear and loungewear


1. Chinabrands.com  


Chinabrands is a big supplier of wholesale sleepwear and wholesale loungewear that is based in China. They sell quality and cheap sleepwear and loungewear for both men and women. This website is internationally recognized for their wonderful wholesale services. They make delivery in about 48 hours, they drop ship and also have a wide range of sleepwear and loungewear brands. In short, this website is all and more of what you need in a wholesale supplier.

2. Dhgate.com

For unique and quality wholesale nightwear, sleepwear and loungewear for both men and women, Dhgate.com is ready and available to make deliveries. This China wholesaler is a reputable supplier that has been in business since 2004. They ship worldwide and give discounts on all their products bought in bulk. One more good news with Volume Apparel is that you can receive your order the same day you place it. They have excellent customers’ service to answer all your questions.



3. Rosewholesale.com


Rosewholesale.com is a top fashion store that is based online. They wholesale loungewear styles you’ve never seen before. They have loungewear of different sizes including those for plus-sized women. They sell at factory low price and ship internationally to about 200 countries. They also sell products that meet the quality standard internationally. At rosewholesale.com, their customer service is superb, as they are always ready to listen and find solutions to your request.



4. Sleepyjones.com

Sleepyjones.com was established in 2013 mainly to provide sleepwear etc. for both men and women. At Sleepy Jones, they have great sleepwear collections that are both lovable and inspiring. More so,  they ship internationally for $50 only. Most orders are shipped within 24 hours from the time of purchase, orders are therefore delivered within 3-8 weekdays.



5. Stylewisedirect.com

This website sells wholesale loungewear sets the UK, wholesale loungewear UK of cheap and high quality. They were established in 2001 to become a top choice for women’s wholesale fashion.  They don’t only trade to customers in the UK, they also ship to over 80 counties. They dive 5% discount to first buyers. Items are dispatched within 24 hours and the order fulfilment is incredibly great.



6. Amazon

This top wholesale website has in stock beautiful wholesale nightwear and wholesale loungewear that are simply lovable. Their product are of guaranteed quality, they have nightwear and loungewear from top brands with chic designs.



7. Lingeriemart


For wholesale sleepwear made of quality cotton, satins etc. at affordable prices, lingeriemart.com offers just what you need. They sell pyjama lounge pants, pj boxers, pj tank top, nightshirts and lots more. At lingeriemart.com, they accept all kinds of order, either big or small. They sell products of high quality from top brands at off-price and below discount prices.



8. AliExpress

Launched in 2010, Aliexpress.com is one of the leading online wholesalers in the world. It is a subsidiary of the Alibaba e-commerce company based in China. They wholesale all kinds of product with an inclusion of wholesale nightwear, loungewear for men, and loungewear women from top brands. At aliexpress.com, you can trust them for quality. They have customers from all over the world which makes them ship to any and everywhere. They offer products whose their prices are unbeatable.

Summary – choose the best supplier


So, what are you waiting for? With our 10 amazing websites to wholesale sleepwear and loungewear, we believe you are good to go, choose your most preferred supplier and enjoy business with them. But don’t forget to identify top brands, have enough capital and don’t also forget to sell at a competitive price.


Nowadays, the main problem faced by wholesale sleepwear and loungewear sellers, especially small and medium-sized new sellers, is that they did not have a large amount of capital investment in the early stage, and they were unable to obtain advantageous prices from suppliers, so they were more worried about unsalable inventory. So how do you make good use of limited capital? The advantages of distribution at this time are reflected.

Network distribution consists of three roles: distribution platform, supplier, distributor. Every seller is actually the role of a distributor. What are the things that distributors should consider? Very simple, is how to sell the product. As for the supply chain, it is done by the distribution platform for the seller.

Summarize the advantages of distribution: according to the settlement of orders, there is no inventory pressure, liberation of financial pressure.

How do wholesale sleepwear and loungewear sellers choose the distribution platform that suits them?

There are many distribution platforms on the market today, and Tinydealsis one of them. If you are a seller buying products, you can consider joining Chinabrands, where you will have millions of SKUs to choose from. You only need to open a store online and select products from it, and the packaging, warehousing, logistics and transportation they will be fully responsible. The goods can arrive within 48 hours at the fastest. You can join Chinabrands to know more.


In the end, you’ll get to realize that doing business is sweet and easy when you make the right decisions and take the right step. So, we hope you have a wonderful business experience while you wholesale nightwear and loungewear online!