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Affiliate Program


Welcome to our TinyDeal affiliate program. This is a great chance for you to form long-term partnerships with us, an opportunity you should not overlook!

a. Earn money while enjoying shopping online!

TinyDeal affiliate program is a great platform to help you generate income for every valid purchase that originates from your business or non-business channels. While you love shopping online, you can also do online business yourself without affecting your normal job. Join our affiliate program now to start earning extra revenue while you don’t have to spend a dime!

b. Share the happy purchase with your friends!

TinyDeal affiliate program also offer opportunity to share happy purchase with your friends. Don’t worry about any benefit conflicts. While you earn referral TD points, your referred friends or visitors can still get regular TD points. It is a grogram of sharing and mutual benefits.

c. Save more efforts than reselling

If you want to resell products from HongKong companies like TinyDeal in small quantities, you have to deal with multiple problems. For example, you must offer warranty that applies in your country or wherever you sell it; you have to handle refunds if parcels get lost or stuck in customs; you need to advertise your own shop to get enough traffic to make any worthwhile profit for your investment, etc. Therefore, unless you have $50,000+ in capital to avoid inevitable losses, pay business registration and taxes, offer warranty service, etc. affiliate for commission will be a smart choice.

What we prepare for you? — Characteristics of TinyDeal Affiliate

  • •Required tools & contents ready — We will provide you with all the tools and contents you need to drive visits and sales to TinyDeal.com. You will have your own links and codes so transactions and activities driven by your referral can be monitored and identified.
  • •High commission rewards— For every valid purchase made through your referral links, you will receive commission TD points at a rate of 50% of the purchase total.
  • •30-day referral cookie— The time your referred customers open the referral link, a cookie will leave in their computer and keeps valid for 30 days. If they come back to purchase after initial visit you will still receive the commission points.

Experience what it’s like to run your own business while enjoy online shopping, join our affiliate program!

Click here to sign up now!

How many commissions can I get? — Referral vs. Regular TD points

Referral TD points are the same as regular TD points earned by purchases, but collected differently. When you make purchases yourself, TD points are rewarded at 10% of total amount spent (including shipping charges if any), that is, 1 point per every $10. Referral TD points work similarly but work out at larger percentage. When your referred customer pay an order, both of you will receive TD points. Your referred customer receives TD points based on the normal rate (1 point per every $10), and you will get the reward referral TD points at 50% of total amount spent on the regular products, as high as 5 points per every $10, and 20% of total amount spent on the special offer products, that is, 2 points per every $10.


For example, Peter click your Referral Link to tinydeal.com, register a new account and buy totally $180.69 products, including $20 spent on special offer products Then Peter will get 18.07 TD Points, and you will get (180.69-20)*50%+20*20%=84.35 TD Points.


Another example, Peter buy totally $180.69 products and uses a discount coupon code, like an 8% off coupon, on the checkout, he actually pays $180.69*(1-8%)=$166.23. Then Peter will get 166.23*10%=16.62 TD Points, and you will still get 180.69*20%=36.14 TD Points.


Note: Refunds made to orders referred will cause corresponding points to be reversed in your account.


What’s Amazing,

Normally the recommender could only get the referral TD points appoint his/her referred customer’s first buying. Now as appreciation to our verified VIP customers for their long-term support and participation, you can still enjoy referral commission at the same rate towards all your referred costumer’s orders within 30-day referral cookie valid time.


For example, five days later Peter visits tinydeal.com again and buy totally $64.35 products, including $4.59 spent on discounted products. Then Peter will get 6.43 TD points, and you will get (64.35-4.59)*50%+4.59*20%=30.80 TD Points.


How do I get commission? — Redeem via purchase or cash out!

Just like regular TD points, referral TD points can be either used for purchase on our store or cash out via PayPal. Also referral TD points can only be cash out or used on purchase after a pending period (60 days after your referred customer’s original payment). After the special period, TD points can be cash back at a rate of $1 per 10 TD points (i.e. 10 points = $1 cash), but cash-out requires minimum of 100 TD points each time.