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21 Best Untouched Niche Market Ideas To Get Maximum Profits Online

The niche market is usually based on five main segments which are geographic, demographic, firmographic, behavioral, and psychographics.

When deciding on a niche product and in untouched niche markets, research is very important since your target audience is smaller than the larger population so getting these wrong could cost you a lot.

So in this article, I will list you the best untouched niche market ideas ever for your dropshipping or wholesale business.

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What Kind Of Niche Market Ideas Can Be Defined As Untouched But With Potential?

Niche market ideas seek to address a need for a product or service which is not being addressed by other sellers. Coming up with ideas to service an untouched market helps you to provide products that other entrepreneurs have overlooked. The best way to find ideas for a niche market that has potential is by narrowly defining your group of potential customers to know what their specific needs are.

In an untouched niche market with potential, there is little competition such that the demand for the product is not completely met so it keeps growing. Generally speaking, an untouched niche market can be described as a profitable niche with low competition which makes it a great niche idea.

How To Find Untouched Niche Markets For Your Online Business?

Choosing a niche for your online business is most probably the biggest hurdle that you go through as an entrepreneur. Assumptions cause a lot of business to fail because the niche selection is based on their own perception. The best strategy is usually tapping into an already established market- selling what people are already buying. In addition to this, you still need to do a couple of things to uncover profitable niches that most people don’t know about.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. First, ask yourself what you are truly interested in. This means that you have to look above only financial reasons

2. Check huge online stores such as Amazon to see which niches are popular and what is in demand

3. Read industry blogs to see what is doing well in the market and what is not

4. Online forums like Quora are really helpful in letting you know exactly what people are interested in.

5. Trend magazines that specialize in letting you in on what’s going on around the world are another great way to find a profitable niche for your online business. These have lists on trending products to sell that will have you riding to riches. The trends are usually fast-moving products

6. Once you settle down on what you really want to do, dig deeper to pick something that you think would be a good fit for you.

7. Sell what people are already buying. This way you are sure that your products will have a market 

8. Once you start selling, determine the profitability to see if you’re breaking even or not

9. Analyze the feedback you get from your customer during marketing and advertising

10. Finally, always think beyond a single product to make sure that your business is not limited.

21 Best Untouched Niche Market Ideas You Should Know

1. Electronic Entertainment


This is a great idea for those who are looking for dropshipping niche ideas for their online business. These days, people are into electronic “gadgets” such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, TVs, home theatres, and e-readers such as the Kindle or Kobo. These electronics have become a part of our daily lives making them a large market. It’s predicted that over the next couple of years, the electronic devices industry will be a very lucrative market.

Another option for a niche market idea is building a niche website that is solely dedicated to setting up media streaming servers for other people.

2. Virtual Reality Products


The VR products market is another category of trending products to sell online. This technology is actually considered the “next big thing” in the niche market. Now, everybody thinks that virtual reality is really cool and this has caused it to gain great popularity among people who want to immerse themselves in the virtual entertainment experience.


Movies are being released that make it necessary for the viewer to need VR products. In order for them to escape from their humdrum. This further heightens the demand for VR products.

3. Apparel


Clothes have long been a top option for people who want to venture in online business. People will always require to be clothed so there will always be demand for clothes. As an entrepreneur, it is up to you to find a specific category that you feel you will thrive in. for example, you may decide to deal with activewear, shapewear, men’s clothes, or women’s clothes. If you investigate further, you will definitely find some untouched niche markets 2019 in the apparel industry.

4. Baby Care Products


Hundreds of thousands of babies are born every single day. This means that the baby market is booming and keeps getting bigger as the days go by. The parents will need products such as diapers, cribs, clothes, shoes, baby wipes, feeding accessories, etc. for their babies.

Although there are other businesses that are already selling baby care products online, you can survive and stay on top of the competition by being innovative. Think of new ways in which you can improve the already existing products to make them even better than they already are.

Sub-niches within this market include creating a blog that helps pregnant women and their spouses come up with beautiful baby names or giving tips on how to organize baby showers. In addition to that, you could specialize in selling baby shower accessories as a complete package.

5. Maternity


As we mentioned previously, so many babies are born every year. The moms-to-be need maternity supplies such as clothes, breastfeeding accessories, and medical devices for pregnant or newly delivered moms.

Other maternity supplies that the moms need include bands and belts which make carrying the baby easier, breast pumps for pumping milk, and pillows to make pregnancy and breastfeeding more comfortable. 

The maternity category also contains skin products just for pregnant women. These products are safe to use; it doesn’t really matter whether you’re trying to reduce stretch marks or makeup safe to use when pregnant.

6. Weightloss


The numbers for obese individuals keeps growing. This is a huge epidemic especially in first world countries like the United States and the UK.

There is a huge market for helping people who want to lose all those extra pounds and then keeping them off. Some of the sub-niches you could take part in include ideas like a personal trainer. Create a YouTube channel aimed at young adults who are struggling to lose weight and keep fit. You could also run a niche site, offering customized meal plans. Or maybe a digital product on weight loss for busy people.


The weight loss market is very competitive. Yes, you can compete with Time, Innovation and Effort. While there may be some ethical boundaries with certain types of content promotion, you can still make some good revenue from programs.

7. Athleisure


This is yet another one of the popular niche market ideas. In a bid to keep fit, remain healthy, and live longer, people are now embracing workouts as a part of their daily lives. This sizzling trend isn’t showing signs of slowing down. You can be sure about this because even large platforms like Amazon and Target already have their private-label lines.

These days, people not only enjoy lounging in their gym shorts but also go out wearing them. Some fans are very loyal and passionate: Working with a passionate audience makes everything so much easier.


Another great thing about the athleisure niche is that it’s quite easy to get celebrity endorsements, bloggers, and social media influencers to push your products. Again, the margins for these products look really good; the fans don’t mind paying more as long as you offer durable and unique products.

8. Relationships And Dating


Relationships have been relevant in the past and are still going to matter for a long time in the future. The relationships and dating scene has come a long way; people are more open-minded now.

You can engage with this niche market in a number of ways. For example, you could write a book on dating for the specific age-groups, and self-publish it on the Amazon Kindle platform. You could also put together a digital product on the best way to break up with somebody. Everyone else is trying to get their ex back, so why not take a different approach?

Being in a relationship is one of the biggest commitments people make during their lifetime. That makes them more than willing to pay for solutions to their relationship issues.

9. Organic And Natural Beauty


The organic and natural beauty market has, over the past couple of years, blossomed to get to where it is today. If you have been paying attention to social media and some online news outlets, you’ll notice the growing dislike for inorganic beauty care products. People are slowly but surely shifting towards healthier alternatives. One stable micro niche here is natural face masks.

The trend shows steady growth. This product is not new, but the demand is growing. It is one of those micro niches where you can also get more products defined by what you put in the mask, coffee for example. Some other products to look into include coconut oil, charcoal beauty products, and natural facial powder.

10. Personal Finance


The financial meltdown that happened in 2008 taught a lot of us some very harsh lessons about how quickly you can go from boom to broke. What it made most people wake up to is the fact that diversifying your incoming and planning for your future is smart.

This niche has tons of opportunities for different products or services, but all with the goal of either increasing a person’s income or helping them get back in control of their outgoings.  Some niche businesses that could work really well in this market include informational sites about budgeting. Another sub-niche is how to live without cable TV. Or you could come up with ideas for family meals that are really affordable. A financial advice coaching service is another option.

11. Home Security

In as much as we wouldn’t want to admit it, crime is here to stay. Nobody likes the idea of having to turn their family home into a “Fortress of Solitude.” This means that even the most liberal families are being forced to look at just how secure their home is.

In short, home security is a growing market and has lots of sub-niches within it. You could start a niche site focused purely on home defense weapons of the non-lethal variety. Home monitoring software and hardware are also growing in popularity, including video doorbells, Wi-Fi security camera systems, and PIR lighting systems.

A sub-niche could be offering solutions to deter thieves from stealing packages from outside homes. Another sub-niche could be to start an affiliate marketing site on making your home burglar proof.

12. Home Textile


The simplest explanation of this is that home textiles are the textiles used within your home. They include bed covers, throw pillows and curtains. Other home textiles products include decorative rugs, whether they lie on the floor or hang on the wall. Home textiles are generally decorative but may serve a purpose such as the pretty quilt lying on the bed. This is a niche the crafty person can enter at a relatively low cost since such a business doesn’t require large capital to start up. 


13. LED Lighting


LED products refer to any product that literally lights up with a light emitting diode. They can take the form of low power nightlights, bright reading lamps and replacement LEDs for displays.

In the next few years, it’s expected that nearly all lighting will convert to LED lighting. That means the demand for this niche will continue to grow. Currently, colored LED lights and smart LED lighting (controlled by smart devices and apps) are both niches worth considering.

14. Men’s Grooming Products


Men are now taking personal grooming seriously unlike in the past when all they needed was to get a basic haircut and take a shower to be considered “good-to-go.” The men’s beauty niche is upswing right now with one of the biggest products here is beard oil. This is a multi-million-dollar business right here which has so much competition as well, but you can still make it. Look for a gap that you can leverage to be unique.

Despite the rave for beard oil, that’s not all there is for this niche. Other products that you could still ass to your online niche business include shampoos, shaving creams, colognes, shaving razors, and aftershave facial wash.

15. Subscription Boxes


Subscription boxes continue to be a popular niche for e-commerce sellers. Nothing screams constant value as much as recurring billing. With subscription boxes, you get that until they cancel. People are now crazy about subscription boxes, so there are chances that you’d get customers even when one pulls out. You can specialize in mom and baby, men’s grooming, female beauty products, etc.

16. Pet Supplies


Just like the baby products market, the pet industry is growing steadily. Pet owners spend money on handmade items like natural food and treats, supplements, toys, and accessories and these items continue to trend. The owners are fanatical about giving their companion animals the best of everything, from food to toys to health treatments. Why not tap into that?

Here’s a market that’s not going away anytime soon, and has massive potential for all kinds of niche businesses. Pet supplies market is one of the dropshipping niche ideas that are guaranteed to bring you mad cash once you venture into it.

17. Car Accessories


Cars are our biggest purchase after our homes. And we pay quite a bit for car repair tools and accessories. Car repair tools include diagnostic meters, wrenches and replacement parts you can use to fix the vehicle. Car accessories range from cosmetic to quality of life items.

The ubiquitous car air freshener is a car accessory. So are sun shades for the front window and sunshades for the side windows so that the baby can sleep in the back. If you’re looking for untouched niche markets has ready for exploitation, check the forums for various car manufacturers and interest groups to find what they wish they had available.

18. Healthcare accessories


Healthcare products are generally necessities and trending niche. They refer to the medications you need or medical supplies you require to be treated. The healthcare product market is one of the niche market ideas that you can never go wrong with since there are some products still untouched.

Healthcare accessories are separate items you generally need or want but won’t die without. They include walkers, canes, ear plugs, wheelchairs, and other items that improve the quality of life but aren’t necessary to literally sustain it. 

19. Sex Toys


This is a surprisingly broad category and popular niche. It includes any “toy” or item intended to stimulate sexual arousal and release. It covers everything from vibrators to butt plugs.

You need to be very careful not to put children’s toys in this category. Online retailers will severely penalize you if you accidentally put a sex toy in front of a general audience that includes children. The solution here is to ensure that it is listed as a sex toy, over 18 items, and never flagged as a generic “toy”.

20. Mattresses


Mattresses might not seem like it belongs on a list of niche products for e-commerce, but the boxed mattress trend is a growing online market. And, there is still room in the market to carve out your own niche. This is a product that would be ideal if you want to start a drop shipping business. Storing and shipping mattresses can be costly, so having them sent from a manufacturer or supplier directly to your customers can be easier and cheaper.

21. Halloween Accessories


Even though Halloween is a seasonal niche, you can do really well if you find many hot selling products. Halloween products refer to anything related to Halloween. Under this category, there are two main sub-niches:  Halloween costumes and Halloween decorations. General candy doesn’t fall into this category, but candy corn, Halloween pumpkin shaped chocolates and ghost-shaped lollipops would.

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Over to You

When looking for untouched niche markets always find a product that falls under a specific niche and doesn’t generally fall in a broad category.  Competing in broad niche markets is entirely possible, but competing in narrow niches is easier and more profitable.

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