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17 Best Wholesale Sock Manufacturers in US/UK/China/Turkey [2019]

People often talk about how little things can brighten up your day—the small things that can add a touch of joy to your life. Whether it’s a cup of coffee enjoyed on a pleasant spring afternoon, a dip in the pool on a hot summer day, or just cozying up in bed wearing your favorite pair of warm socks on a winter evening!


Socks are an essential item of clothing; it’s also one that is easily neglected—but not for those ardent lovers of all things cool, comfortable, and trendy! The quality, make, and aesthetics of socks are all important criteria to be considered when choosing a pair of socks. If you are looking for information on where to purchase high-quality socks that you, as a business owner or distributor, can purchase from—well, you have landed on the right page.   


In this guide, we will take you through some of the best companies worldwide that manufacture socks, offering several styles, patterns, and materials to choose from. Specifically, we will cover the top sock manufacturers from the USA, UK, China, and Turkey.


But do read all the way up to the end of the article, where we will be answering some of the most commonly asked questions that will help you, as a business owner or trader, find inspiration, insights, and ideas to expand your business. 

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Best Sock Manufacturers across US, UK, China, and Turkey


Company Name




The Sock Factory




Sock Club




Boldfoot Socks





Socks (customized)



KV Manufacturing





Socks (customized)



Madison Hosiery

Socks (customized)











Okay Socks

Socks (customized)



Kaite Socks

Socks (customized)



Meet Socks

Socks (customized)



CN Sock

Socks, silk gloves, scarves, and masks



Bolero Socks

Socks, pantyhose, underwear, pajamas.




Towel, bath robes, socks, tights, t-shirts, bedsheets, boxers, etc.



Karatas Socks




Inanc Textile Limited

Promotional bath and bed products, socks, t-shirts, sauna skirts, aprons, etc.


Top Sock Manufacturers in China

1. Chinabrands

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2. Kaite Socks

Kaite Socks is your one-stop solution provider for all things socks—China-based wholesale socks provider and custom sock manufacturer. Opt for an email-based consultation to understand their services of sock production, yarn customization, sock design as well as packaging and labeling services. From stripes to colorful polka dots and fruits and cartoon characters, you can find and customized a plethora of unique designs for your feet. 

3. Meet Socks

Located in Zhejiang, China, Meet Socks is a sock company that offers private label design of socks. If you have a design that you’d like to see on a pair of socks, they offer an all-encompassing custom sock manufacturing service, wherein they provide assistance with yarn choice, quality inspection, sizes, weight, as well as packaging/labeling, and international delivery. You can first do a paid sampling before you execute a larger bulk production order; this way, you can be assured of receiving a satisfactory product. Check out their product catalog if you are interested in bulk or wholesale socks purchase.

4. CN Sock

Another leading sock manufacturer based in Shanghai, China, is CN Sock. They specialize in designing, manufacturing, and exporting OEM socks as well as other products such as silk gloves, silk scarves, and more. Their product catalog includes a number of sock types, including knee-high, leisure, sports, over knee, athletic, dress, and leg warmer socks.

5. Okay Socks

Based in Zhejiang Province, Okay Socks offers one-stop solution to all your sock requirements as a business owner, wholesaler, distributor, or retailer! If you are interested in purchasing custom socks, Okay Socks will not disappoint you! On their website blog, they guide you on how to design your own socks and have resources that explain the various materials and factors affecting sock production. Do note, however, they have a minimum order quantity requirement starting at 1200 units per design or style.

Top Sock Manufacturers in USA

1. The Sock Factory

The Sock Factory is a dedicated, high-fashion sock manufacturer located in North America. Based in North Carolina, the company brings 40 years of experience in the industry. Their objective is to manufacture socks that deliver on all fronts—namely, performance, style, construction, and competitive prices.

They have three in-house brands: Fitsok—a specialty line of socks for athletes, William Tucker—a brand dedicated to produce functional socks for men with high craftsmanship, and Crazy Compression—an exclusive range of graduation compression socks.

2. Sock Club

Located in Austin, Texas, the Sock Club has partnered with leading American factories to manufacture the finest quality socks in the west. They manage the complete cycle of production, from sourcing high-quality cotton grown and knit in the Southeastern United States, to designing and packaging and having the product delivered to the customer’s doorstep.

They also run a subscription service, wherein the member receives one newly designed pair of quality socks every month—an idea that would make sock lovers rejoice! Explore their online store for some unique designs and great-value bundles.

3. Boldfoot Socks

The socks manufactured by Boldfoot Socks company are 100% American-made. Each time you buy a pair from this sock company, they donate 5% of their profits to US military and veterans in need. If you are looking to make a bulk socks purchase, then contact them as a wholesaler and they will send you the most up-to-date product catalog and wholesale sock purchase terms and conditions. 

They even provide a 3-month free sock insurance, wherein the company will replace the product if there are any complains of tears or ripping—no questions asked! Now, isn’t that what you’d call an awesome customer satisfaction policy?

4. Sobex

Since 2010, Sobex has been designing premium-quality designer socks and has come to be known as one of the most popular sock manufacturers in USA. They also provide custom socks, with numerous design and fabric options to choose from (cotton, wool, or moisture-wicking polyester socks). The designing as well as production is handled by their team based in North Carolina. Explore their vast collection of dress socks, performance socks, wool socks—whatever you choose, you can be assured that you will be purchasing a designer sock! 

Top Sock Manufacturers in UK

1. KV Manufacturing

Established in 2014 under the parent company Thai Sock Co. Ltd, KV Manufacturing has emerged as a leading sock manufactured in the United Kingdom. With a vision to be recognized as a “High-quality and innovative sock maker with sustainable growth,” KV Manufacturing doesn’t compromise when it comes to the quality of the product. Moreover, they are also constantly making an effort to minimize the environmental impact to secure a progressive future and use renewable energy in their manufacturing units.

Check out their online shop to know more about the various sock designs and types they offer, including men’s rib socks, two-tone socks, plain gentlemen socks. Contact them if you’d like custom socks for your own brand, as they offer bespoke private label socks.

2. Exceptio

If you’re looking for a UK-based manufacturer of top-quality knitted socks, you must look up Exceptio’s product range. They are designers and manufacturers of all types of socks, including socks aimed to provide high-end functionality (trampoline socks) with bespoke grippers, socks for leisure purpose, and other promotional socks. They have a number of in-house brands such as Hydrovia, Exceptio Sport, Pureco, Afterheels, among other. 

Exceptio follows production standards based on the Ethical Trading Initiative’s code and Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA). If their product range interests you, contact them for a free sample and quotation.  

3. Madison Hosiery

Madison Hosiery has been in operation since over 50 years, earning itself a name in the sock manufacturing industry. They have a global production house that is centrally managed (based in Leeds) and they supply about 20,000,000+ pairs of tights and socks to markets worldwide every year! They even provide customized label hosiery and socks for men, women, and children.

4. Socksland

Socks Land Limited is a Leicester-based textile manufacturer and distributor known for supplying high-quality socks at competitive prices across the world. They have introduced a few brands such as Always Footcare, Causal Style, Flexi Top, Always Fresh, Hot Toes, Performax Ralph Lewis, etc. Go through their website to check their product catalog and contact them for a bulk socks purchase. 

Top Sock Manufacturers in Turkey

1. Bolero Socks

This Istanbul-based sock company aspires to be “Your Global Socks Supplier Partner.” Bolero Socks is a popular name in the industry in Turkey and offer a wide range of products such as plain, textured, computerized design, derby, knee-high, sport socks, sneaker (ankle), thermo socks, along with private labelling opportunities. They utilize latest technology yarns and a total quality management system to design and manufacture their products.

2. HettaTex

Also based in Istanbul, Turkey, Hetta Tekstil has its own production unit for manufacturing cotton socks and tights. They produce over 400,000 pairs of socks each month, making them a large contender in the Turkey sock wholesaler domain. They also manufacture other apparel such as t-shirts, boxers, slips, and bedsheets but their core product is socks.  

3. Karatas Socks

Another reliable manufacturer based in Turkey, Karatas Socks has been in business since 1985. They are leading manufactures of all kinds of socks, stockings and hosiery clothing items. The produce export-oriented items and are known to utilize the latest technology and equipment for their manufacturing processes. 

4. Inanc Textile Limited

Inanc Textile Limited is in Denizli, the textile capital of Turkey. They’ve been operating since 1994 and are known to supply bespoke Turkish towels, bathrobes, Slippers, Socks, and other Bath and Bed products. They deal in made-to-order promotional products, exporting primarily to European countries and retail markets.

Tips to Find the Best Sock Manufacturers

There are several factors to consider when making a wholesale socks purchase. The price, the color scheme, patterns, types, material and sizes are some of the most crucial factors that you must evaluate. Moreover, you will have to check and fully understand the terms and conditions as well as export/taxation charges, shipping, delivery and other logistics.

Here are some useful tips to help you in your search for the best sock manufacturers for your business:

1. Look Up Online

A thorough internet research should be your first step to find your ideal socks manufacturer. Check out reliable websites that cater to your requirements. For instance, Chinabrands.com hosts a large database of manufacturers and wholesalers across industries. They are leading drop shippers and are backed with a skilled quality control team, assuring that you will receive only quality products from trustworthy businesses.

2. Attend Local Tradeshows

Attending tradeshows in your country is an excellent way of doing offline market research. Such events provide you with ample opportunities to meet and network with the best business owners in your industry.

3. Explore Business Directories

Online or offline—business directories are resourceful tools for any business owner. They provide all the necessary information on new and established companies that have been listed so you can do a solid research about your potential vendor.


Below we answer some of the commonly asked questions regard global sock manufacturers.

Where Can I Find Small Quantities Socks Manufacturers?

This depends on the order you are really looking for. While most companies require about 1000+ as a minimum order quantity for bulk purchase, Yinuo is a reliable socks manufacturer that accepts a minimum order quantity of 100 pairs per design/size/type of socks, with short turnaround times for sampling purposes.

Which Socks Manufacturers Make the Best Custom Socks?

Besides Yinuo, Some of the top companies that offer customization and even private labeling of socks are Okay Socks, Kaite Socks, and Meet Socks in China; Inanc Textile Limited in Turkey; and Sobex, Madison Hosiery in the west.

Which Are the Best Socks Manufacturers in Singapore?

The top Singapore-based companies manufacturing socks and other related items include Socks.com.sg, Fibre2Fashion, Simnex International, and Li An Trading.

Which Are the Best Socks Manufacturers in Canada?

Check out DH Gate-Canada, SupportCanadianProducts.com, and McGregor Socks if you are looking for Canadian sock manufacturers.

Which Are the Best Socks Manufacturers in Australia?

If you are looking for socks suppliers in Australia, look no further than The Australia Sock Company, Belvedere Hosiery, and Sock Revolution.

Which Are the Best Socks Manufacturers in India?

Supersox India, Kamal Hosiery Industries, VK Knitting are among the popular sock manufacturers in India. Besides, I’d recommend checking Indiamart and Tinydealsfor an exhaustive list of sock suppliers worldwide. 

Over to You

Hope this article has guided you well about the various sock manufacturers across the globe and helped answer some of your common queries. Wishing you the best as you begin to explore and expand your sock business!

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