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Where to Do Dropshipping? Look At These Target Countries

Drop shipping, just like any other business, requires a ready market to be successful. Without identifying the right market as a seller, you might end up regretting why you got yourself into the business, in the first place. The location for your dropshipping is an essential part of the business that is often given less attention by most sellers. It is essential that you pick the right drop shipping countries for your business to thrive in the right direction. 

Luckily, this article will give you some insight on how to go about choosing the right country. For more details on which other countries to choose and which ones not to pick at all, read on the text.

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What Are The Requirements To Pick a Market?

Business has its rules and regulations that are governed by different market systems. For this case, in drop shipping, there are the do’s and don’ts that you should know before venturing into this niche. Also, there are basic needs to drop shipping when it comes to picking your desired market. The following are some of them:

Large population

A large population equals a significant demand for your drop shipping items. It is, therefore, vital that you get the right location that has a good population size. They should also be a ready market as you can have a large population that is not interested in the products you have. For this reason, you need to pick the top drop shipping countries in the current market.


Once you decide a niche to sell, you can use some tools to judge where are the top searched countries. The google trends is a must have tool.


The destination for your dropshipping items is equally essential in giving you the required success in the business. You cannot deliver items where there isn’t a high demand, and thus, you need to be very selective.


There are different factors under location that will either encourage or discourage you from a country as a seller. Some of these factors include age, gender, and education levels, among many others. We will have a closer look at them in the subsequent text. Also, you can have your drop shipping in untapped markets where not many people have discovered. In most cases, these are markets that are usually neglected for fear of no sales but have vast potential. 

Continue reading, you’ll find the top untapped markets.

Social media population/reach

Since most of the selling you do in dropshipping is online, it only makes sense to look for a place that has a majority of the people in online spaces. These include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Thanks to technology, you can quickly get data on the locations where social media thrives and utilize that to your advantage. Where there is an excellent social media reach, there is almost a good market for your dropshipping items.


You are more likely to succeed where you have less competition than where it is stiff. Neck to neck competition is healthy in terms of giving you the impetus to be aggressive, but it can also limit how good you do in the business. As earlier stated, you can do drop shipping in untapped markets where not many people have discovered the potential. This way you can broaden your reach and sales, ultimately.


If you are looking for where to do dropshipping, then the lifestyle of your desired location is a mandatory check. This is especially important considering the type of product you are selling. It should match the lifestyle of the people living in that country. Also, lifestyle is something that changes from time to time, and thus, you should be careful to analyze it correctly. A product may be popular today and lose all that glory because of a drastic change in lifestyle.


Whether you are selling high ticket products or otherwise the regular products, it is crucial that you know where to sell them based on price. There are countries where high ticket dropshipping will work better, and other places where only regular products are sold. And this is something that you need to consider when deciding on location carefully. Otherwise, you will be left struggling to sell in a place with no hopes of the market.

Other demographic factors

Several other factors are importantly related to demography. These may include gender, age, and marital status. These factors can significantly influence your drop shipping business in several ways. For one, some products will be bought by women and not men or vice versa. Also, there are products that couples would envy that are not ideal for kids, and vice versa is true. Knowing what type of market you have in terms of demographic characteristics is, therefore, essential. This is also one factor that will determine your dropshipping countries.

10 Top Countries To Target For Dropshipping

Top dropshipping countries are the best to market your items in because of the assurance of sales. As a seller, all you want is for the marketing you are doing to translate into sales and profits. There are many countries where drop shipping does well, and it is vital to know about them as a seller. Some of these countries include the following:


The united states of America is a great country to dropship in. With a GDP of 19.39 trillion USD and a population of 327.2 million, this is a country that is a ready market for goods. You can sell numerous products here with an incredible return on investment (ROI). At the same time, USA is the leading dropshipping market in the world.


This is yet another brilliant dropshipping country to use in your business. It has a population of 66.04 million and a GDP of 2.622 trillion USD. It is also among the best drop shipping countries in the ranking, and this makes it an ideal option for any seller. In terms of social media reach, they are tech-savvy and thus comfortable to penetrate online.


This is a country in Oceania and has a population of 24.6 million. It also has a GDP of 1.323 trillion USD. It is also among the top countries to drop ship on the chart.


Canada is equally a vast country that has a population of 37.06 million and a GDP of 1.653 trillion USD. This should give you the impetus to invest your drop shipping plan in the country.


The French people are also on the list for being one of the best markets for drop shipping products. They have a population of 66.99 million and a GDP of 2.583 trillion USD.


The Germans have a population of 82.79 million and a GDP of 3.677 trillion USD. They provide a ready market for items in dropshipping.


This is a European country that has a population of 46.72 million and a GDP of 1.311 trillion USD. Both these two parameters contribute to its high market in dropshipping products.


Brazil is yet another country that is well-packed with excellent characteristics for drop shipping. It has a population of 209.3 million and a GDP of 2.056 trillion USD. This significant population is one factor that will motivate you into venturing in the Brazilian market.


Although it has a smaller population of 9.995 million, Sweden is a good market for dropshipping products. It has a GDP of 538 billion USD.


This is a European country that has a population of 60.59 million and a GDP of 1.935 trillion USD. This promises a ready market for the dropshipping items.

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The Untapped Markets Examples

There are those countries that have the potential but haven’t yet been discovered. You can do drop shipping in untapped markets to avoid excessive competition that is already present in the top countries. You should, however, be careful not to run into loses by exploring such markets. It is often a risk, and there is a lot of uncertainty. But with the right plan, you can still have good returns. The following dropshipping countries are among the untapped markets that you should look into:

New Zealand

This a relatively small country that has a population of 4.794 million and a GDP of 205.9 billion. As it is growing, it has excellent potential to provide the right market for dropshipping products.


This is yet another untapped market with a population of 5.258 million and a GDP of 398.8 billion USD.


This is a country in Europe that has a population of 38.43 million and a gross domestic product of 524.5 billion USD.


Another European country, Austria, has a low population of 8.773 million and a GDP of 416.6 billion USD. Let not the small population deceive you into thinking there is no market. There is a massive potential for drop shipping in this country.


The United Arab Emirates is a country that is located in the middle east and has massive potential for high ticket drop shipping products in particular. It has a population of 9.4 million and a GDP of 382.6 billion USD.

South Africa

Africa, as a whole, is a destination for dropshipping and has not been tapped by many sellers. South Africa has a population of 56.72 million and a GDP of 349.4 billion USD. This makes it an ideal African country to harness.


This is a country in South Asia that has a population of 1.339 billion and a GDP of 2.597 trillion USD. As you can see, it is one of the most populated countries in the world, and this equals a chance to sell your dropshipping products.


This is a country in the middle east that has a population of 79.81 million and a GDP of 851.1 billion USD.


This is an Asian country with a population of 69.04 million and a GDP of 455.2 billion USD.


Another Asian country with a population of 104.9 million and a GDP of 313.6 billion USD.


Finally, another tremendous Asian country that has an untapped market with a population of 31.62 million and a GDP of 314.5 billion USD. 

What Are The Worst Countries To Dropship?

There are terrible dropshipping countries that you should not pick unless you want to ruin your business growth. Several reasons make them not ideal for dropshipping, which we will learn about. Some of these countries include:


Despite having a huge population, this is not a country you would want to sell for drop shipping market. Several reasons will hinder you from growing your business in China. Some of the reasons include the fact that there is a significant presence of Alibaba, which may give you a hard time.  People are already accustomed to buying items on Alibaba, Taobao, Jingdong. So you have no much space to take a cake. As a beginner, it is advisable to stay clear of this country. But it is the leading place to source products to dropship.


If you are looking for where to do drop shipping, this is another bad idea in because of a high level of fraud in the country. There are also many chargebacks and disputes that you are bound to face as a seller. As a beginner, therefore, it would be wise to avoid such a country.


Finally, on the list of worst dropshipping countries is Pakistan. The first reason why it is not an advisable country to trade in is the fact that there is a lot of fraud. Also, there is a lot of cheap traffic in this country that is most likely bound to affect your business.

Strategies When Drop Shipping In Any Country

1. Calculate every cost

You should have relevant costs beforehand so that you make it easier charging customers correctly in the country you go to.

2. Make sure you understand the country’s custom rules

If you are bringing a product into a country, then you need to be aware of the regulations that govern imports in that country.

3. Find the right products

Don’t pick hefty and cumbersome products that will give you a hard time shipping. Instead, select products that are quick and easy to ship.

4. Have a currency converter app in your site

This is meant to help your customers quickly determine the prices of commodities in their denominations.


In summary, penetrating international markets is something that needs strategy and patience. You cannot start on one day and succeed in the same day. 

Hope this list of dropshipping countries will help you in dropshipping in the right markets and give you an insight on where to do dropshipping.