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Revealing The Secret Of Selling Wholesale Online To Retailers

If you have not heard how credible selling wholesale to retailers, then, you must have been living under a rock because it has been the trending business method for every aspiring online vendor.


Technically, it allows you to purchase items at a lower wholesale price compared to your selling price. Also, this gives you control on how much you will be earning for every item sold.


In fact, it is not difficult for retailers to buy wholesale and sell retail in such a multiple channel business circle. Many ecommerce shop from wholesale suppliers and sell in their own shop for profits. People are always looking for ways to remove the middle links and cut down the cost. This post will reveal how to sell wholesale products.

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Why Start Selling Wholesale Items Online?

At this point, it has been established that to sell wholesale to retailers is a lucrative industry to be in. That alone should be reason enough for you to try this business platform.


However, we could take Larry Lubarsky as an example. Just seven years ago, he was $100,000 in debt. In addition, he did not have a career or a degree to fall back on. As he claims, his time selling wholesale items on Amazon for retail saved him during his financial crisis. Today, he is generating up to at least a million in revenue every year.


James Fend also had the same story. He never believed in the platform, especially after his failed experience with eBay, but after hearing someone on a podcast telling the public that he is making millions, he tried once again, and now, he is earning at least $50,000 a month.


These two are but a small sample size to a widely lucrative industry, and that should go without saying. As long as you can find the best  wholesale items that sell,  and control the cost at the lowest, you will make money as well.

What Are The Best Selling Wholesale Items?

If you dream of getting the same success as they do, then, you are free to do so. However, it will take some effort, mainly finding which wholesale products to buy.


What makes a product worthy of being sold online?


● Those that Solve a Problem


Look into products that answer a need because there will always be a market for them. Sometimes, it might not even be a new product or service. Other times, it could simply be a much better product than what is currently available in the market.


● Those You Love with a Passion


It might also help if the products that you sell online are those which you are passionate about. This makes it easier to market, and also, it makes you a relatable person. Your target audience see this, and most of the time, they get drawn to this, potentially increasing your sales tenfold.


● Think About Branding

The market online is already saturated, but it is never too late. That is why, you need to find products that you can brand as your own. That way, you can leave a mark that the public will remember, and to be remember in the internet is a huge marketing strategy that you would like to have in your backpocket.


● Keep An Eye Out for the Trends


It might be cliche, but keeping an eye on trends, or even getting ahead of them, is a good way to cash in on this business platform.


● Cater to a Niche


This is particularly helpful especially when you buy wholesale items that is proven to have top shelf quality. Of course, having a target audience is a huge plus.


To be honest, the online market industry has become saturated, and only because it is very lucrative. However, if you compound this factors with proper marketing, no market is ever saturated enough, and it is never too late to gain a foothold. 

Where Can I Buy Wholesale Items and Sell Retail Online?


What wholesale products to buy is one thing, but where to find them is another because that will matter when you count how much profit you receive for every purchase made by a customer. There are several ways to resource your items, and below are some of them.

1. Dropshipping

Dropshipping, on the other hand, is technically the same as wholesale because items are being   sold by dropship companies at wholesale prices, and sometimes, even lesser. In addition, you will not be spending for storing the items because you do not own them yet. You will, only when customers buy the, which makes it a lot cheaper since you do not have to keep up with maintaining them as well. Maybe, the only downside to this is how delivery may take longer than it normally would.

2. Wholesale

This is a given, especially because even when you are not online, this has always been a good way to resource items at a cheaper price. Buying things in bulk order gives you, at the very least, 50% off of what they would sell in retail. This means, you are guaranteed at least a 50% profit, or at most, a hundred.


3.  Liquidation


Liquidation, if have not heard of it, is a process in which a company is trying to get at least the base sum of how much a product costs. This is so they can pay their creditors. Normally happens to businesses shutting themselves down, that is why you can buy them cheaper than what you would get with its sales price.


At the end of the day, all you would like to have are products that you bought low to be sold high. This is the process that makes this business platform effective, and popular. 

The Best Place To Find Wholesale Suppliers

Knowing where to find wholesale products to sell should be your next step, and there are many places to find them which include those below.


● Online Directory


An online directory is basically a place where all the ecommerce websites that offer wholesale products are listed. These are websites such as Salehoo, Esources, Worldwide Brands, and Wholesale Central, just to name a few. It is basically a one-stop place a list of all companies selling wholesale products.


● Online Wholesaler and Dropshipper


In spite being competition, some wholesalers and dropshippers have blogs where they mention other suppliers. They know that it is important to give partners option, and they do not mind because otherwise, you would eventually need them especially when they run short of supplies. It is a good thing to keep in the backpocket.


● Trade Shows


Trade shows is where every business gather, and this includes every single one from every business. So, it is a given that wholesale and dropship vendors are going to be around. You just need to know where they are. One of the easiest ways you could know is by checking the organizer’s website. They normally have a list of the companies attending, and occasionally, a floor plan.


● Wholesale Market


You also have the option of personally checking shops that sell wholesale products within your community. Sometimes, you just do not know that they do.


Finding where to buy wholesale items is never a problem. There are loads available, and there are many ways to find them. The problem will be choosing the right company to partner yourselves with.

Where Can I Sell Wholesale Products Online?

Selling your products online will be difficult in a sense that you will need a good marketing strategy. However, before you get to sell these wholesale items, you need to have a designated shop from where you can sell these products from.


Of course, you have the option of opening up your own website, and sell it from there. However, creating one of your own normally takes a lot of effort, and money, which you may not have.


Some options include the following:


● Social Media

In recent years, social media has become a platform for vendors to sell wholesale items to the public. Although, experts still advise other platforms other than social media such as Instagram and Facebook, but this is a viable option which is continuously trying to improve the services they offer.


● Ecommerce Website


Again, setting up your own website is still the best option available if you have some budget to spare. This way, you can set-up your brand from the very start. Having that advantage is vital, especially if you aim to become a brand to be remembered.


These two have to be the main methods from which you can set-up shop and market to your target audience, and just the same, is the best way to resell the wholesale products you buy. 


Buying low, selling high is always the best way to earn revenue in a buy-sell market.


In spite the success stories, and the claims of how easy it is, it never is, the same as everything else. However, with a good marketing strategy, and the right products and customers, there is nothing you cannot accomplish.


Do you have any other questions about selling wholesale online? Leave a comment below.