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What is blind shipping?

The expression blind shipping refers to the business model also known as drop shipping. Blind shipping means that the company delivering products will never get to see the final transaction of the product, but they are committed to deliver products “blindly”, without questions.

This kind of situations are very common in drop shipping businesses, where the logistic center or drop shipper answers to their clients’ needs to deliver any products the final customer has bought.

Furthermore, the final customer will never know who is actually sending the product, but he or she will believe the shipment is being made by the e-commerce where he or she bought the item from.

Blind shipping and zero inventory

This logistic model allows traditional e-commerce to outsource their shipments and deliveries. These responsibilities have been one of the hardest for entrepreneurs since ever. Usually, the entrepreneur does not know where to find the best shipping companies, or they do not have enough capital or reputation as to hire one of the best delivery companies, such as DHL or FedEx.

However, outsourcing the product acquisition and the product delivery, the e-commerce companies can now focus more on online marketing, online promotion and customer service. By arranging a good business plan, they will be able to attract more people to their stores. The only investment these companies need is all set on online promotion, website content and SEO strategies. Everything else is being done by the drop shipping company, who will be in charge to blindly ship the products to the final user.

Problems of blind delivery

One of the few complications an e-commerce might encounter when outsourcing their deliveries and shipments, is that they cannot control this process at all. They rely entirely on the drop shipper or the logistic center to complete the order on time.

This is why is of vital importance to cooperate with a responsible drop shipping. Delayed deliveries or wrong packaging can be very detrimental for any e-commerce.

Choose your drop shippers wisely!

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