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Chinabrands Person Information: How To Get Logistics Monitoring Quantity?


You will get the logistics monitoring variety of the bundle after the order standing turning into Awaiting Dispatch.

(Order Standing:Paid → Awaiting Dispatch → Shipped Out)


1. Log in Chinabrands

2. Enter the Order Overview web page.


3. View and replica the logistics monitoring quantity within the Delivery Methodology column.


4. Click on on the logistics technique to open the logistics web site, use the logistics monitoring quantity to question the logistics monitor


Why cannot I question the logistics monitor often?

After your order is shipped, the logistics supplier wants a time period to submit the logistics monitoring quantity to the Web, after which you may question. For instance: In case your order is shipped at Jan 1, 2019 and the Logistics Monitoring Availability Estimate is Three days, then you may question the logistics monitor at Jan 5, 2019.

Click on on “View Order Element” to view the supply time of your bundle.



View the On-line Monitoring Availability Estimate within the Delivery Methodology column.