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Best 6 Wholesale Umbrella Suppliers in China/US/UK

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This guide will introduce everything you need to know about wholesale umbrella, especially some well-known suppliers in China, US and UK.

Pro tips for Wholesale Umbrella for Summer

i. The purpose of the summer umbrella

If you want a summer umbrella for hiking, you should consider the lightweight and smaller designs. The compact model will also do you good for such occasions. You might want an umbrella to provide shade while on a beach for a day. If this is your case, an umbrella with a larger canopy is more effective. This is because you do not have issues with how to transport it back.

ii. Size of the canopy

Large canopies equal more shade.  If you want to provide shade for a group of people, you have to go for the one with the largest canopy.

iii. Color of the canopy

Avoid black color at all cost. It absorbs more light and radiating a lot of heat just beneath the canopy and you will be scorched. On the other hand, going for the clear umbrellas is as bad a decision. This type is transparent and just will not provide shade at all.

iv. The weight of the umbrella

If you are looking for an umbrella for every-day use, you have to go for the smallest of all that fit into a backpack. This is more effective to carry along with you. On the other hand, if you are not going to travel along with it, then you can choose to buy a bigger one. 


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1. Chinabrands

When it comes to wholesale umbrella, the best place to get both quality and cheapness products may be China.

Chinabrands is a leading global drop shipping wholesaler from China. They have global reach servicing customers in more than 200 countries. 

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It offers full catalogs, including umbrella, cheap clothes, bags, shoes, jewelry and accessories, beauty, 3C products, household necessaries and so on that totally more than 500,000+ SKU. Also, new and trendy arrivals added every day.

It’s a very considerate supplier for covering low-end to high-end products lines at wholesale price. Such as purchase clothing from this wholesale distributor, you can buy tops in $0.29, and the quality is quite good. If you look for high-end fashion brand, it may just cost about $40. 

What’s more, Tinydealsprovides extra valuable services. 

This wholesaler offers SEO-optimized product descriptions that you can download and upload to your online stores like Amazon, eBay, shopify or any other online shopping platform. That will save much time for you to write products descriptions and help your stores rank better.

It has professional teams to choose trendy products that will sell well. Most store owners get crazy and have no idea which products should sell. Chianbrands’ team do the market search and add those data-proved hot sell in site everyday. 

Also, Unlike Alibaba is just a third-party platform for hundreds of thousands of manufacturers and suppliers, that may have poor quality problems. Tinydealshas highly trained QC teams ensure the quality of every single product manufactured by major brand suppliers.

2. Umbrella Bazaar

If you are looking for the best of Umbrellas in terms of quality, pricing, and design, you can always find them with Umbrella Bazaar. They have a huge collection in their store so as to meet every customer’s needs. They supply all the designs you can ever think of in the whole of the US. 

If you need fashion umbrellas, umbrellas you could use for a wedding, for kids, the clear ones, umbrellas for rain and for the sun, you can find them all with this supplier. If you need any design to meet the coming event, you can be sure of getting them delivered within time. 

In order to meet the needs of both retailers and consumers alike, Umbrella Bazaar stipulates a low minimum order. The fact that the company specializes in just a single product means they have all the time and effort to offer you nothing but the best.

3. CKB Products

CKB Products is another of the best destination to buy umbrellas from. This is the one supplier that offers the best pricing ever for an umbrella. The company is inspired to bringing you the best quality products and offering you the best pricing. According to them, you just do not have any reason to be rained on or to be scorched by the sun. 

You can get a product that marches any amount that you have. And for any design that you are looking for, you can always get them with this supplier. Even if you need the most gigantic umbrellas that are commonly used in golf clubs, you get them here. As well, you are able to get the smallest of all depending on your preference. 

Another thing that puts this supplier ahead from the rest in the industry is the customer experience. The company has present sales agents that are there to take your concerns and respond to them amicably.

4. Raintec Umbrellas

Raintec Umbrellas is a company that manufacture and supply umbrellas. If you are looking for customized umbrellas of any design, this the company to work with. If you want a logo imprinted or a phrase written on them, they are ready to do that. If you want to buy readymade umbrellas for your retail shop, this is still the convenient destination for that. 

They have a huge collection so as to meet every need of the customer. In this store, you can get rain umbrellas, umbrellas for kids or even golf umbrellas. All that you need is there with them. 

And since they are manufacturing their products, you can be assured of getting the best deals in terms of pricing. The quality of their products is also in line with the pricing and you can be assured of getting the best value for your money.


5. DHgate.com

DHgate.com is another of the best destinations for wholesale umbrellas. The company does not specialize in this product line alone, but they indeed offer the best in every product the lay their hands on. When they decide to supply a particular product, they give their best. For the supply of umbrellas, they have up to 3,327 items. 

This is a huge number and you can be certain of getting the design that you are looking for. DHgate.com offers the best deals for its customers. They offer the right pricing and ships their products for free. Even though they have a stipulated minimum purchase, it is quite low and achievable with some designs not having restrictions. 

When you buy in bulk, they will offer you amazing discounts. Thus, making profits is relatively simple when you shop with them. You just do not have to worry with the quality of their products, this is an established company that can never compromise on the quality at all.

6. India Mart

India Mart is another of the suppliers that will not disappoint in the supply of umbrellas. It is a B2B directory that is based in India. The company brings together credible suppliers and interested buyers. One thing about this platform is that it brings together only the suppliers that have been confirmed to be supplying the right quality of products. 

They do not want you to lose your customers due to the supply of counterfeit products. Since many suppliers are brought together to do business in a single platform, and with the fact that price comparison is possible, every supplier aspires to offer the best. In the long run, you go home excited. You get quality products going at low prices. 

Another thing that you get when more suppliers are brought into one platform is the opportunity to get a huge option of products so you can get whatever you want. Those are the deals you get from India Mart.

7. Jolly Brolly

Another of the umbrella suppliers you should not underestimate is the Jolly Brolly. They offer competitive pricing for all their products. In fact, you can find umbrellas from £2.49. With them, you can find any design that wants to sell in your retail shop or for your use. You also find any color that you want. 

If you are organizing for a major event like a wedding, this is the perfect place to buy uniform products of the exact designs that you want for the event. Even if you need the gigantic umbrellas that are ideal for golf clubs or the smaller ones that fit into a bag, you can find them all with this supplier. 

Product delivery is convenient with Jolly Brolly; if you are in the UK, orders made before 2 PM will be delivered the following day. Bulk orders of above £25 attract an express delivery service meaning you will receive the shipment within a short time. 

Where to buy wholesale Umbrella in the UK?

Splash Innovations; https://www.splashinnovations.com is one of the best destinations for wholesale umbrellas in the UK. They have all the designs you can ever think of. 

If you want kid’s umbrellas, adults’, umbrellas for events, sports umbrellas, see-through umbrellas or any other type that you need, you can find them with this supplier. They can offer you the rarest of all designs as they also design and manufacture. 

Are there any wholesale Umbrella suppliers in Canada?

There are a number of wholesale Umbrella suppliers in Canada, but certainly, not all of them has your best interest at heart. You can trust Cheeky Umbrella; https://cheekyumbrella.com for the best of such products. 

They have been in this industry for years now and they have a track record in the supply of quality products. Their pricing is also competitive and you get the best value for your money. 

Where to buy wholesale Umbrella in Australia?

In Australia, the one destination we trust for the supply of best wholesale umbrellas is https://www.umbrella.com.au. They have more than 80 years in the industry. It is their diligence with their service that has seen them come this far. 

For your retail needs, source your umbrellas from this supplier. They have all the design such as the kid’s umbrella, wedding collection, for golf clubs and the rest. You can always get the specific make that you want.


Where to buy cheap wholesale Umbrella in India?

Citizen Umbrella; http://citizenumbrella.com is a big wave in the world of Umbrellas. It commands the Indian market. You will love everything about them; all from their pricing to the quality and to their shipping. They put their customers first. 


When it comes to sourcing products for your retail shop, you have to particularly careful. You have to keep in mind that the supplier you consider has a direct influence on your customers and on your business at large. Three aspects really matter: one is the quality of products, their pricing and the designs available. We did a ground check for you and these are the suppliers you can trust. They know their stuff pretty well.