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30 Best Free QR Code Generators with Logo [Practical Guideline]

The most known barcode is no different from QR code. It’s more convenient and popular for online sales.

In this article, I will introduce you to the 30 best free QR code generators to help in generation of QR codes for your products, marketing campaigns or even for establishing direct links with your customers. Besides I will also illustrates how to create a QR code, how to scan the QR codes and the uses of QR codes. 

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What is a QR Code?

A QR code is a 2-dimensional type of barcode that uses both numeric and alphanumeric encoding modes to store data attached to a specific item, app or website. QR stands for Quick Response: meaning it can be read instantly with a mobile phone or any form of a scanner.

QR codes are usually square checkered patterns with structured information stored in both vertical and horizontal (2-dimensions).  

30 Best Free QR Code Generators You Can Use

There hundreds of free QR code generators easily accessible online. Each is characterized by its own features. Take some time to do some research to establish the pros and cons of each before using it.

1. The qrcode generator   



This is a German web-based software service that is non-exclusive and non-transferable available for use worldwide. It has both the static and dynamic QR codes. The static is stand-alone and no support is offered.

There is no limit as to the number of time you can generate and print. 

2. QR Stuff 



QR Stuff has both paid and unpaid features but both are 100% free ads. Their QR codes have a storage capacity of 4296 characters. Its codes are compliant with international standards and ISO 18004 certified. Their QR codes are accepted worldwide.

You don’t need an account or any sign up to use QR Stuff and there are no restrictions as to the number of codes you generate.

3. QR Code Monkey 



This is one of the most popular free QR code generators with logo with high-resolution QR codes for print. The QRCode Money generated codes have an endless lifetime and are customizable with their unique designs and colors.

Their logo generated codes are easily readable and have an error correction of up to 30%.  

4.  QRCode Kaywa 



Kaywa has been in existence since 2005 and has offices in the USA and Switzerland. There are both premium and commercial features but the codes have an unlimited number of scans.

5. QRCode Matic 




With this QR code generator, you can link to almost all the words biggest apps like PayPal, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. They’re free to use Dynamic QR codes can be customized as one wishes without changing the square codes.

Their technology is a bit advanced to enable you custom design your company profile, logo and URL to meet your specifications.

6. QR Kerem Erkan



QR Kerem Erkan began generating codes in 2006. It’s mostly known for its 2D QR code generator. To use the iPad and iPhone to scan their QR codes, they have developed software (Qrafter and Grafter Pro). You only have to download the app.

7. Codigos QR



This is a universal QR code generator with logo accessible to the world for free. Their 2-dimensional QR codes use the alphanumeric encoding matrix to store the information required.

To generate your codes, Codigos QR. Com offers 4-step code generation procedure which is simple and need no registration or sign up to use.

8. Unitag QR



Unitag QR is dedicated to creating a bridge between your materials and the digital world. To customize and target a specific audience, the Dynamic QR mode is the best option.  

The QR codes created have lifetime validity and a simple error correction method.

9. Beaconstac        



Beaconstac is designed to suit any business campaign with its easy to use QR code generator with logo. You can make the QR codes generated more converting by adding texts, color, social media connections and messaging apps.

Beaconstac platform enables specialists like marketers to create customized QR codes and track marketing campaigns.

10. Funcode.com



Funcode is highly advanced but its QR code generation system is Simple to and applicable in many different operations. Its 2D dimensional QR codes can be instantly scanned by smartphones on any item.

You can generate individual codes and edit to align with intended goals.

11.  The Informatix QR-code Generator 


This is among the simplest and highly customizable free QR code generator with only 3-step generation procedure. All the customizing features are included in the first step with easy configuration settings.

The Informatix QR-codes have high error correction levels and are easy to display on videos, magazines and websites.

12. 3GVisions i-nigma  



This QR generating company was established in 2000 and its QR codes became commercially applicable in 2002. 3GVisions i-nigma generates both 2D barcodes and QR codes that can be scanned by mobile phones with the right phone browser software. 

13. DEYE.com



DEYE.com has a lengthy form for customizing your QR codes; however, the information provided is important for generating individualized codes that exactly fits the targeted product. Its codes are used in many organizations like t-shirt branding and in business cards.

14. Labeltac     



Labeltac is a wholesale supplier and a free QR code generator. It’s a specialist in QR printers, card printers and provision of guide materials. They generate both barcodes and QR codes for use in every industry.

15. Esponce          



As a software developer and a free code generator with logo, you can create any QR code type and the matching mobile application developed by this very company. With its Dynamic QR codes, you can edit your code anytime to meet the specific goal of that particular time.

Link your social media applications in your personalized QR codes to launch a successful marketing campaign.

16.  uQR.me     



It’s trusted and used by more than 120,000 brands worldwide. Design and easily edit your logo at any time of your choice. The uQR.me QR codes are fed with QR track codes to monitor their scanning frequency, scanning device, where it was and when.

17.  Tiny QR.com



Like the uQR.me, the TinyQR.com QR codes can be tracked and analyzed to determine its real-time statistics. The Dynamic QR codes can be edited anytime online to redirect them to new URLs and websites.

You can link the free generated codes with logo to more than twenty-four applications for your marketing campaigns. 

18. QR Batch.Scanova.io


As the name suggests, QR Batch.com can generate thousands of QR codes in one instant. You have to sign up first to start their generation. They have four QR code management and generation tools which include Scanova, QR Batch, QR API and QR SDK.

The Scanova is used to create, manage and track print media QR codes for marketing campaigns. The QR API is designed for you to generate static QR codes and the QR SDK is designed to generate static QR codes in large volumes.    

19. QR zebra           



This is an easy to use QR code generator with simple logo editing features that are compatible with almost all scanning devices. You can change the URL and the images in your QR code with the dynamic QR codes while on the go.

These generated codes do not expire and therefore can be used to launch long term campaigns while under tracking mode.

20. ForQRCode        



ForQRCode is an industrial supplies company with a free QR code generator available on its website for everybody to use. Its generated codes are of high-quality resolution and can be downloaded for free.

Other features applicable to these codes are Google maps location and PayPal.

21. QRzing.com


The QRzing.com codes have unlimited scans, are 100% free ads and their dynamic QR codes come with no extra cost. They are easy to share via the social media linkages provided in the generation application.

22. QR Infopoint      



QR Infopoint applies its QR codes usage to videos, images, monuments and any other product/item that can be scanned by a smartphone. A subscription is required to use this QR code generator.

Both the dynamic and static QR codes are free to use but with one condition; no reviews for one year, the QR codes are deleted.

23. Cadigos.com        



This company was created in 2009 to offer free generation of QR codes that can be read by the major smartphones brands like Samsung, Nokia, iPhone, Blackberry and LG among others. Other services offered include generation of barcodes and datamatrix.  

24. Shopify.com      


Shopify is an e-commerce platform with hundreds of free tools to help its hosted online stores run smoothly, market their products and direct with their customers. The Shopify free QR code generator helps customize their call-to-action entries. 

25. Tangomobile.com   



Tangomobile.com has more than 20 types of barcodes and QR codes that are easy to scan with a smartphone or barcode reader. It offers both free and premium plans.

Its features include QR code batch import and export, dynamic QR codes, Google analytics integrations and vector QR code image.

26. QR.codes.com


Generate every trackable QR code with this code generator for free and edit with the colors that match your items. Its QR code analytical features are guaranteed to produce the best marketing analysis.

27. QReate and Track



Other than the free pricing plan, there are other four pricing plans with each equipped with different feature. They all require signing up before generating the QR codes.

They have gained much credit from institutions like Wells Fargo, Hilton, Yale University, Marriot and many more for their excellent tech support and high-quality QR codes.

28. BeQRious.co       




They are based in New York City and Europe. Among the services offered include QR code generation, QR code tracking, QR code campaigns and generation of custom QR codes. It is an absolutely free QR code generator with easy customizing features.


29. qrd.by      



Other than the forever free QR code generation plan, qrd.by has other three commercial plans with better offers but for as low as $5/month and the highest being $35/month. Given the features included in the $35 plan, any professional marketer should embrace it.

The dynamic QR code enables the creation of shortened URLs and changing of websites direction without printing it.

30. HighGo.com


If you are looking for a QR code generator with logo editing functionalities, HighGO.com is the software to use. No watermarks are placed on their created QR codes to add logo visibility and editing easy.

All the features both individual and commercial free to use.

How to Create a QR Code in 4 Easy Steps

You can either use the normal free QR code generator or the advanced QR code generator with logo. The introduction of smartphones and the diverse application of QR codes have simplified the creation of QR codes.

Every online seller is after seller feedback and product reviews. Do you want to communicate with your customers? Or you want to link them with your website?

Follow the steps below to create the most suitable type of QR code for your business.

Step 1. Select any free QR code generator from the list below.

They all have different features. Whereas some do not provide any support that may be required others are generous enough to generate QR codes with logo.


Step 2. Choose the format that links to what you are promoting

You are creating a QR code because there is an action you want taken. This is determined by the most suitable link to item, website or app being promoted. The link is the information to be displayed after scanning.

It can be a mobile number, URL, email e.tc.

Enter your link as shown in the highlighted space.



Step 3. Sign up with your website to use Dynamic QR option

It’s free to sign up with most of the QR code generators pro features. My Choice qr-code-generator will direct you to the item you want to link. The Dynamic option will enable you to customize the QR code.

Select the item to link and click “next” button. This will lead to another form to enter the web address or any other item and the web code.



Step 4. Customize and download your QR code.

Customize your generated QR code with the options provided on the left-hand side. After customization, you are ready to download, print and start using.


How to use QR codes?

QR codes are today found on almost every item for sale in our business. They are used as security in hotel room doors, to connect to Wifi, play music and on items for sale. QR codes are compatible with the majority of smartphones.

To use QR codes, you need a smartphone with a camera and a scanner application on the same phone. Download and install the QR reader/scanning app.

What next? Open the app and start scanning. 


QR codes play a very important role in our business. Manager, business analysts and even digital marketers should embrace the use of free QR code generators to steer their organization to success.

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