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16 Best Examples Of Dropshipping Niches Ideas That Is Evergreen

Considering the current trend and today’s research, not everything is worth placing in your dropshipping store. Most products—even trending product—are totally unbefitting for your store.

In a bid help you filter out the least appealing items, you need the right information: what is the best dropshipping niches?

Of cource, You don’t want to invest your time and attention to something that denies you sufficient profits. In this context, you will learn about the 16 best dropshipping niche ideas to consider for your store.

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List of Best 16 Dropshipping Niche Ideas

The foremost notion for initiating your dropshipping store is to sell items that are on demand, promising and available for purchased often. Behold, here are 16 best dropshipping niches to consider for your store.


1. Personal care Niche Product

Personal care products are very lucrative. There is a great deal of products in the personal care niche—though competitive, there is always the market.

Some of them are eyeliner, facial tissue, hair clippers, lip-gloss, lipstick, lotion, makeup, hand soap, facial cleanser, body wash, nail files, pomade, perfumes and razors among others. The list is too large to write down.

The items in this niche are numerous with a very highly competitive market. To be very successful in this niche, one need to find the best supplier to ensure the best quality products at best price.


2. Baby care niche

Babies care market is wide and still growing even at the expense of birth control. What makes this niche exceptional is the availability of many brands with tons of colorful products.

For a client to order for a kid item, they needed it urgently and are used as received. This gives you a steady customer pull. Some of the top items in this niche are baby toys, apparel, diapers, food, cosmetics and other baby accessories.

The baby niche market is no doubt lucrative. The market is big but very limited to a few. There is a need to take on promotion activities to make the presence of your dropshipping store known.


3. Kids clothes


Kids wear has always been the largest category of maternal & Kids. According to Euromonitor International, the global children’s wear market in 2017 reached 160 billion US dollars, increased by 6.2%. Although the “cake” in the kids clothes market is large, there are also some problems such like the single category and homogenization are serious.

The Smart sellers will deliberately build and market products around the pain points and needs of this group.

In addition, parents are not only care about the novelty of products and the price, they will also check the material, functionality and other aspects.

The popular and best selling niche product to dropship is usually mainly based on kids T-shirts, skirts and sweaters, especially with cartoon characters.


4. Garden and Lawn Care

Garden and lawn care products are yield high profits if you know how to go about it. The market is lucrative and few tend to look into this niche in dropshipping. Most families love to keep their yard and garden green. This is where you come in.

From fertilizers, grass seed, herbicides, landscaping, irrigating, lawn care equipment— there are families in need of these products. The best thing about this niche is that they are very easy to deliver—they are bought in bulk or together with closely related items.


5. Home security niche product

Home security niche is an evergreen dropshipping niche to consider. The items in this category are very lucrative to venture into for your store. In as much as the style, cost, ease of use and installation are considered, there is a high probability of making it well in this niche.

The world is advancing fast and the application of technology is on the rise as well. Home security products are high on demand. Most of them Do-it-yourself installable–making it easy to use. Some of these security systems are customizable and can be associated with highly rated mobile applications.


6. Pet niche products

If you are a lover of pets, this is a nice niche to start your dropshipping store sensation. Your store gets to cover up tons of homes with pets, giving you massive returns.

Dropshipers in the pet niche get to do well due to the wide available alternatives in the market. Items that can be placed in your store in this niche include; pet treatment equipment, bowl and feeders, toys, cleaning and potty, beds, apparel, foods and other accessories among others.


7. Antistress toys

Antistress toys are not as popular as other toys in most online stores. This makes it a very good spot to hit for your dropshipping. It is a lucrative niche to venture into for your dropshipping biz. They are very easy to deliver as well as high in demand.

Some of the most popular stress toys fall under these categories: stress balls, animals, fruits and character toys, medical toys and electronics among others.


8. Home Gaming products

Home gaming products are high in demand despite the fact that gaming products are saturated in the market. Thus you can add it in your best dropshipping niches.

The best thing about gaming products is that a client studies the product before purchase. Hence, there‘s a good chance for a guaranteed sale without returns.

Home gaming products are numerous. This gives you an edge on steady sales at regular intervals. Some of the most popular home gaming products include; Xbox, PlayStation 4 Pro and Nintendo Switch among others.


9. Weight loss niches


For those who love beauty, skin care and weight loss are eternal topics and troubles. Therefore,  Weight loss niches are likewise lucrative. To be a successful dropshipper in this niche, you should be very familiar with the products and items in this niche. If you are a testifier, there is a probability of having more customers.


There are so many items to place in your store; some of the best are outlined to be the following: fitness tracker, smart scale, and other accessories. If you are certain of the outcome, you can venture in supplements as well.


10. Camping niche product

Camping is not a daily activity, but you have tons of campers out there at one period or the other. This niche is lucrative with items high in demand. In addition, the supplies needed by campers are numerous. The beautiful thing about these items is that they are bought together—making them easy and less expensive to deliver.

Some of the most requested items in this niche include sunglasses, sunscreen, and hat, Jacket, hat, gloves, rain shell, camping clothes, flashlight, first aid kit, lighter, duct tape, knife, scissors, water bottle, and maps among others.


11. Lighting niche product

Lighting products are broad. Your greater pulls of clients are from different sectors in the economy.  In the construction, stages, subways and even homes among others, this niche cannot be declined.  The best thing is that items in this niche are demanded in bulk and in groups.

According to the overall market, home lighting, LED and environmental lighting, commercial lighting, outdoor lighting, is the potential dropshipping niche products.


12.  Home décor

Home decor is also a protential drop shipping niche idea that grows fast. In 2018, the categories of home appliances, furniture, gardening, and DIY rose rapidly in eBay.

According to Euromonitor’s data, home and gardening ranked fourth in the market value of global consumer goods in 2013-2023.


The best thing about this niche is that it has about a thousand unique options to choose from. From wall decorations, ornaments and accents, candleholders, frames, flower vases, pillowcases and other fabrics, the collection is huge.


13. Fashion bags & handbags

Fashion bags and handbags are lucrative. In this niche, you can make a large profit selling a single item. There are tons of fashionable bags and handbags. Plus, they are easier and cheaper to deliver.

However, there is a big competition in the niche market,  thus you need to rely on design and practicality to gain more customers.


14. Women dresses

As the case of handbags, there is no loyalty attached to the dresses. This means that your scope of delivery can be expanded beyond any length of the earth. Plus, they are very easy to deliver. Customers generally don’t order for a single dress without including some attachments.  

If you are good at sales, you are definitely going to hit it big in this niche. Woman, compared to men tend to change dresses more often—making their wares a good spot for ropshipping in your store.  


15. Designer jewelry

Starting a dropshipping store for designer jewelry is very lucrative. It is easy for stock and shipping, and design jewelry has become a consumer goods for many women. 


Some of the top selling designer jewelry includes crowns, earrings, fascinator, hairpin, and aigrette among others.  In this niche, you are sure to make a huge profit from a single sale. It is another lucrative niche to consider for your dropshipping store.


16. Wearable devices

Wearable devices are far becoming very popular in the market today. This is due to the fact that they are generally attributed to fitness and health trackers. As technology is evolving, so are trends and norms. The attitude to healthy lifestyle habits has made this niche a very lucrative spot to tap from today.

Wearable devices niche is one of the best dropshipping niches that is evergreen.  In the market today, the demand for them is large. The plus is that there are tons of options to choose.

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So, What Is The Criteria For Niche Selection?

 As rightly said, the foremost notion for initiating your dropshipping store is to sell items that are on demand, promising and available for purchased often. To expand on this, here are some criteria for your dropshipping niche selection.

· Demand: This is certainly the most vital parameter for you. It is as simple as selling waterproofs in summer. You don’t want to fill your store with items no one need.

· Unique: Generic items in the store are boring. Stocking them in your store can be dangerous. It has a huge influence on sales.

· Pricing: The higher the price of a product, the more your earnings verge will be. The coin has two sides. You should consider its affordability as well.

· Affordability: You don’t want to chase your potential customers. Most of your buyers know the original seller’s price. $20 profit an hour is better than $70 in a blue moon. In summary, the lower the added profit is the higher is your potential profit.

· Delivery: You should consider items that are speedy and cheap to deliver. In this case, you have to consider its weight and size.

· Competition: You can learn from other dropshipping stores. As a starter, you should look out for what products are over-saturated there and flee from selling such.

· Returns: Products with sizing and style preferences have a high return rate. You don’t want to be trapped in the middle. 

Then, What Dropshipping Niches Should Avoid?

Don’t get it twisted, these listed niches are not entirely bad for your store. This is to give you an insight into some dropshipping niches to avoid due to the factors considered above.  

· Generic Lifestyle Products

The basis of dropshipping is mostly about offering eye catchy items to attract more audience. Generic lifestyle items such as kitchen like spoons or cleaning products are not noticed well. They are products that many prominent retailers in the market already sell.

· Banned Items

Some items are prohibited in some countries or states. Selling such items in those areas will be difficult. The laws might not allow you to even advertising them on social media as well. Some examples include cigarettes, sex toys, surveillance cameras, weapons and ammunition among others.

· Very Cheap Items

You might think that the very cheap items will always sell. That’s not how it works. When the shipping cost is added, they become more expensive. For instance, the ePacket shipping costs for a $5.00 guitar necklace is $2.35.


In summary, you should avoid products that are too personalized, have emotional attachments and have deadlines. 


Now, you know some ideas of best dropshipping niches, and what should be avoid when dropship niche products. It’s your turn to make an comprehensive research on the niche you prefer, from your targeting market, the culture, the demands, and more.


Each niche include various of items. If you plan to sell home & garden products, which products you should to buy and sell Just read more on this blog.